Dr Marijana Bandić

Medical doctor, in training for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.


  • 2012. Began training in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery at the University of Belgrade Medical School
  • 2010. University of Belgrade Medical School
  • 2003. Uroš Predić Comprehensive High School

Further education

  • December 2012 Training and certification for use of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) in esthetic treatments
  • December 2012 Organized and participated in the First Balkan Intensive Dermoscopy Weekend in Belgrade
  • October 2012 Participated in the 8th European Masters in Anti-Aging Medicine (EMAA) in Paris
  • June 2011 Participated in the International Course on Breast Reconstruction and Augmentation in Belgrade
  • June 2011 Trained and certified in Mesotherapy by Revitacare
  • March 2011 Participated in the 9th Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress and Medispa in Monaco
  • March 2011 Attended the Expert2Expert course and got certified in use of Botox and Hyaluronic acid in Anti-Aging Medicine in Monaco
  • 2006. Attended the course and got certified at the International summer school of Cell and Tissue Engineering
  • 2005. Attended the course and got certified in Dermoscopy


  • Coauthor, “Melanoma screening with skinScan – Windows mobile phone application”, which will be presented at the World Melanoma 2013 in Hamburg 2013.
  • Coauthor, ”Mini Facelift Plus” presented at the 7th BAPRAS Congress, in Sarajevo 2011
  • Coauthor, ” Skin quality after rejuvenation with fractional CO2 laser” presented at the 7th BAPRAS Congress, in Sarajevo 2011
  • Coauthor, “Teleangiectasias Treatment with LP Nd:YAG with Novel Cooling Device” presented at the 7th BAPRAS Congress in Sarajevo 2011
  • Coauthor, “Lefthandedness and neurotic disorders in urban population”, which won the 50th Congress of Biomedical sciences as the Best paper in session, april-may 2009.


I was born in Pančevo in 1984. Finished elementary and high school in my native town. Enrolled into Medical School in 2003 and finished with honors. I was a demonstrator at the Department of Anatomy, during my studies. I did my internship at the Pančevo General Hospital. Passed the State exam in October 2010. Started working in ORS Hospital in November of the same year.

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