Basic Information About Dermoscopy

Dermoscopy is a diagnostic method for early melanoma and skin cancer detection and examining moles and other pigmented skin lesions.

Types of Dermoscopy

Learn more about what types of dermoscopy exist and which ones are used.

Which Skin Lesions Are For Dermoscopic Evaluation?

Ideally, all skin lesions should be dermoscopically analyzed, however, that's not possible for practical reasons, hence, the following skin lesions are advised to be dermoscopically examined.

Which Skin Lesions Are For Dermoscopic Tracking?

It must be accented that removing a skin lesion is much safer than any tracking of it.

What Is Dermoscopic Monitoring?

Dermoscopic monitoring is a special procedure that enables comparative follow ups of a single skin lesion over different points in time.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can read the most common questions about dermoscopy and the answers to them here.

Dermoscopic experience at ORS Plastic Surgery

Dermoscopy statistics from ORS Plastic Surgery.