Types of Dermoscopy

There are three basic types of dermoscopic examination.

Triage dermoscopy

Triage dermoscopy is an examination of a skin lesion by a handheld microscope, called a dermatoscope. Handheld dermatoscope enables only the doctor to see the lesion, and there is no possibility of keeping a record of the lesion. Useful application of this kind of dermoscopy is to simply triage the lesions into ones that are for further analysis and those that are not.


Digital dermoscopy

Digital dermoscopy is performed by a specialized instrument that enables not only the microscopic analysis of the structures within the skin lesion, but a digital record of the structures as well.

The doctor doing the digital dermoscopy can then analyze this recording in detail and based on the review, he can give a precise diagnosis.


Computerized digital dermoscopy

This is the dermoscopic method with the greatest array of capabilities.

It gives not only the option to make and analyze a digital recording of a skin lesion, but an option to save it, analyze it in more detail, forward it for a consult and set up a teledermoscopic network.