Everything about the skin, its classification, UV radiation, sun damage to the skin, prevention of skin cancer and prevention of skin aging.

Skin anatomy

The skin is the largest organ in the human body. It has numerous functions, and in order to perform them all, it’s important that it’s integrity is intact and that it’s healthy.

Skin classification

Classification of the skin by color and sensitivity to Sun.

UV Radiation

UVB and UVA rays present a special danger because they are the most potent carcinogenic factors to humans, that directly cause the development of skin tumors and melanoma.

Skin Sun Damage

Any uncontrolled suntanning directly damages the skin. During life, these damages accumulate, and a final consequence is the development of skin tumors and melanoma.

Skin carcinoma prevention

The most impotant thing is to protect You and Your children from UV radiation, because in that manner, You directly decrease the probability and risk of gettting skin cancer.

Skin ageing prevention

The skin naturally ages, after a certain number of years it loses collagen and elastin, that make it tight and elastic, it loses water.