Skin ageing prevention

The skin naturally ages, after a certain number of years it loses collagen and elastin, that make it tight and elastic, it loses water, which slows down it’s metabolism, mime muscles stretch the skin, and after a certain amount of time it loses the ability to return to previous state.

It looks old when there are wrinkles, when it’s loose, when there is a change in pigmentation (spots) and broken capillaries appear.

Except for the natural ageing that comes with age, our habits can significantly affect the way our skin ages.

  • Sun
  • Care
  • Nutrition
  • Smoking
  • Stress

The Sun

One of the main factors of accelerated ageing is the Sun (UV rays). It leaves the skin with permanent hyperpigmentations (freckles and spots) and with changes to the blood vessels (broken capillaries). By frowning in the sun, wrinkles develop early and are constantly getting deeper. The Sun dries up the skin, thus reducing it’s metabolism so the usual regeneration of collagen and elastin is brought down to a minimum. By that, the skin, slowly but surely loses it’s characterstic of perkiness, tightness and adaptability.


Improper care of the skin also significantly contributes to skin ageing. If Your skin is normal, not oily and You don’t use make up, You may even not need skincare products.
But considering the airborne polution ( in the cities), usage of make up, and that perfect skin is rare, the use of some skincare products is necessary.
If You don’t wear cream under Your make up, if You irregularly remove make up before going to bed, Your skin absorbs that make up. If You regularly and properly maintain Your skin, taking into consideration it’s type (normal, combined, oily, dry), You will enjoy it’s beauty for a longer time.

Occasionally it may be required to do some cosmetic or esthetic treatments, especially after  summer (sun), and after  winter (cold and wind), because Your skin suffers a lot during those times, and often gets shifted out of balance.


Nutrition is relevant, and the skin can easily tell how You are eating. Overuse of sweets leads to an increase in zits and acne in some people, also carbonated drinks and all unnatural products may do so.


You get a yellowish coloration of the skin, it gets impregnated by nicotine and tar that come out of the smoke of the cigarette.


mental and physical stress will degrade the entire immune system of Your body, including the skin, so it becomes susceptive to the outside elements. It reacts in redness, allergies, zits, changes of color.


In order to properly protect from the sun, start by determining Your skin phototype, thus learning how sensitive is it and what SPF sunblock creams You should be using. For quality maintenance of the skin, know it’s type (dry, normal, combined), and use products that suit it. Make sure that You reduce Your poor eating habits and smoking. Relax as much as You can and get enough sleep.

If You are already noticing the signs of premature ageing, try to reduce those signs by help from a doctor or a cosmetician. There are different treatments that can help You in maintaining Your facial skin and wrinkle, spot or cappilaries reduction.