Skin classification

Classification of the skin by color and sensitivity to Sun.

Skin Phototype

1 White skin, always gets red, never tans
2 White skin, always gets red, minimally tans
3 White skin, occasionally gets red, it gets medium and gradual tan
4 Light brown skin, occasionally/rarely gets red, tans well
5 Brown skin, rarely gets red, tans extraordinarily well
6 Dark brown/black skin, never gets red, tans extraordinarily well
The Fitzpatrick classification of skin phototypes

Comment to the table:

  1. Persons with white skin, fair complexion, light eyes, light or red hair; that always get red after unprotected Sun exposure; that can never get a tan after tanning, just get freckles.
  2. Persons with white skin, fair or mildly dark complexion, light or brownish hair, light or brownish eyes; that often, but not always, get red after unprotected Sun exposure; that can get a mild to moderate tan after tanning.
  3. Persons with white skin, slightly dark or dark complexion, brown or black hair, dark eyes; that rarely or never get red after unprotected Sun exposure; that can get a medium dark or very dark tan after tanning.
  4. Persons with white skin, pronouncedly dark complexion, dark hair and eyes; that can never get red after Sun exposure; that can get an extremely dark tan after tanning.
  5. Persons of the indian type, brown skin.
  6. Persons of the african type, black skin.

Classification of skin aging

Group Classification Typical Age Description Skin characteristics
I Mild 28-35 No wrinkles Early Photoaging: mild pigment changes, no keratosis, minimal wrinkles, minimal or no makeup
II Medium 35-50 Wrinkles in motion Early to Moderate Photoaging: Early brown spots visible, keratosis palpable but not visible, parallel smile lines begin to appear, wears some foundation
III Advanced 50-65 Wrinkles at rest Advanced Photoaging: Obvious discolorations, visible capillaries (telangiectasias), visible keratosis, wears heavier foundation always
IV Severe 60-75 Only wrinkles Severe Photoaging: Yellow-gray skin color, prior skin malignancies, wrinkles throughout – no normal skin, cannot wear makeup because it cakes and cracks
Glogau Classification of Photoaging

If Your skin aging corresponds to the Typical age – You are aging naturally

  • You have good skin care habits
  • You properly protect Yourself from the Sun
  • You are moderate at most things

Advice: Keep up with Your previous skin care habits and skin Sun  protection (UV radiation). If You occasionally afford Yourself some of the skin aging preventive measures (a cosmetic or esthetic treatment), You will be preventing and effectively ’buying’ Yourself some extra time of youthful appearance.

If Your skin aging doesn’t correspond to Your age, and You have fewer years than what is cited in the table for given wrinkles and state of the skin – Your skin aging is premature or accelerated
Cause can be:

    • excessive Sun exposure
    • improper skin care habits
    • improper nutrition
    • stress that also contributes to skin aging

Advice: If You wish to improve the state of Your skin, to remove or minimize the wrinkles on Your face, to soften the difference in skin pigmentation (freckles, spots), You should consult a physician, and consider some of the rejuvenation methods.