LASER skin rejuvenation

LASER rejuvenation is a treatment where by using LASER beams, a skin tightening effect is gained, regeneration of the skin, smoothing out wrinkles and regaining the natural tone and pigmentation of the skin is achieved.

Skin Hyperpigmentations and Melasma

Hyperpigmentations or spots are darker colored areas of the skin, that represent a type of sun damage from UV exposure.


LASER can be used to treat scars in the aim of preventing them from spreading and thickening (fresh scars), but also to decrease their visibility (old scars).

Stretch marks

After oscillations in bodyweight, as well as after pregnancy, most people notice an undesired effect on their skin in the form of stretch marks.


Wrinkles give the face an older appearance, they form under the influence of (excessive) muscle activity when mimicking, as well as under the effect of gravity.