Dr Aleksandar Lazarov

Doctor of Medicine, specialist in plastic and reconstructive surgery.


  • 2020. Plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon
  • 2014. Residency in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery
  • 2012. Belgrade University School of Medicine
  • 2003. Uros Predic Comprehensives School, Pancevo


  • 4th Coloproctology Workshop Pančevo Pančevo, Srbija Jun 2011
  • 8th European Masters in Anti-Aging Medicine Paris, France 12-14 Oktobar 2012
  • 11th SRBPRAS congress Beograd, Srbija 15-18 Maj 2012
  • 5th Coloproctology Workshop Pančevo Pančevo, Srbija 12-13 Jun 2013
  • Healthy Ageing Network of Competences Conference Fredericia, Denmark 28 Oktobar 2014
  • 4th World Congress of Dermoscopy Vienna, Austria, Maj 2015
  • Brazilian – European Synergy Reshaping the body! ISAPS Congress, Beograd, Srbija, Septembar 2015
  • Breast Rendez-Vous Paris Paris, France, Maj 2016
  • Annual meetingof  UPREHBiH Zenica, BiH, Novembar 2016
  • Teosyal workshop Beograd, Srbija, Septembar 2017
  • 7th Coloproctology Workshop Pančevo Pančevo, Srbija, Oktobar 2017
  • Plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery Symposium Sarajevo, BiH, Decembar 2017
  • Applied anatomy in Aesthetic plastic surgery Beograd, Srbija, Februar 2018
  • Modern approach to treatment of patients with congenital genital malformations Beograd, Srbija, Mart 2018
  • 5th World Congress of Dermoscopy Thessaloniki, Greece, Jun 2018


  • J.Bandic, D.Opric, N.Dojcinovic, A.Lazarov, Z.Ratkaj, M.Surla, M.Vasiljevski, G.Nikolic Melanoma screening with skinScan, Windows Mobile Phone application – 8th World Congress of Melanoma, 2013, Hamburg, Germany
  • M. Jović, B. Ćertić, I. Jovanović, D. Petrović Popović, A. Lazarov Naše iskustvo u lečenju smrzotina, BAPRAS SRBPRAS FiS Three in One Congress, 2016, Beograd, Srbija
  • A. Lazarov, M. Bandic Lazarov, J. Bandic Early melanoma detection: Is it time for revision of ABCDE and 7PCL clinical criteria? – Accepted at the 8 th World Congress of Dermoscopy, 2018,Thessaloniki, Greece

Personal Data

Since 2012, performing diagnostic examinations and skin cancer surgery, as well as aesthetic surgery and minimally invasive procedures on a daily basis, working with Dr Jadran Bandic

In 2014 started residency in Plastic, reconstructive and Aesthetic surgery at the Clilnic for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery of the Clinical Center of Serbia, under mentorship of Prof. Milan Jovanovic.

Since January 2020 working as a fully licensed plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon,
personally in charge of the day to day operations of a plastic surgery private practice as well as
performing patient examinations, diagnostic procedures and a wide array of plastic surgery

Avid fan of craft beer and smart homes.