LASER skin rejuvenation

LASER rejuvenation is a treatment where by using LASER beams, a skin tightening effect is gained, regeneration of the skin, smoothing out wrinkles and regaining the natural tone and pigmentation of the skin is achieved.

This is one of the most popular skin rejuvenation treatments in the world at the moment.

Who is a candidate?

Persons on the quest for a healthier and younger looking skin of the face, who have the patience to gradually gain better and better results. As well as persons with difficulties on deciding on undergoing a surgical procedure, and still wanting to look younger.

What does the procedure look like?

Desired areas are treated by LASER beams with constant application of cold air, in order to make the treatment easier and reduce the following sensation of heat. Treatment lasts about 30 minutes. Afterwards, cold pads are applied to reduce swelling and redness, which accompany these types of procedures in the first couple of days.

How many treatments are necessary to get results?

Number of repeat treatments is usually between 3 and 5, depending on the issue.

Treatments are repeated in 4 to 6 week intervals.

Care after the procedure

Skin needs to be kept clean and moisturizer or a hydrating cream should be amply applied between treatments.

Sun protection in the form of SPF 30+ sunblock is required for the next 4 weeks.

What to expect after the procedure?

Your skin will be pinkish after the treatment, like after sun tanning. Skin will also be dry and feel tight, some areas mildly swollen.

Therefore, it’s necessary to keep the skin moist, applying hydrating creams several times a day.

Also, You need to wear SPF 30+ sunblock (for the next 4 weeks) or stay out of the sun in that period.

Make up can be freely used to conceal the redness.

In most cases these effects subside in 3 to 5 days, they can rarely last longer, but in a milder form.


Effects will be visible after the second treatment, and will constantly improve with every new treatment.

A short period of time is necessary after finishing the treatments for the effects to fully develop, i.e. in the next few months the results are going to keep getting better with each new day.

After a LASER treatment, collagen is regenerated, skin is re-epithelized, and hydration and skin tone are improved. It becomes more tight, more elastic, even in color and exquisitely soft to the touch.

All these effects are permanent.

Who is not recommended to have this kind of treatment?

Persons prone to forming scars, on certain therapy regimes, (i.e. Tretinoin), suffering from certain skin conditions (dermatitis) are not suitable for this kind of treatment.

Persons who are sun tanned or tanned in a sun bed should wait for their tan to come off before having this kind of treatment.

Your doctor will assess Your skin in order to determine if You are a candidate for LASER skin rejuvenation.

Frequently asked questions

Is the treatment painful?

There is a minimal amount of pain sensation during the treatment, but patients easily sustain it, some don’t even feel any at all. For the treatment to be as easily tolerable as possible, we use a pain numbing anesthetic cream.

Is there any downtime, off-work time?

Not necessary, but there will be some moderate redness on Your face for the first 3 days, so You may want to stay away from work or schedule a treatment before a weekend.

Are there risks involved?

As with any other procedure, there is a certain, minimal amount of risk involved.

Hyperpigmentations can form, or rarely hypopigmentations, dormant viruses such as Herpes virus can be triggered by LASER treatments. On persons with an inclination to forming hypertrophic scars, they can form, although rarely.

There is a prevention to these minimal risks, by a LASER skin test, before undergoing the treatment.